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Service & MOT Combo

A good way to keep your servicing up to date is by scheduling your MOT & Service together. 

We provide a collect & return solution that means you don't have to leave home, or work! We'll come to wherever your car is, collect in the AM and drop off in the PM. If you need the car by a certain time we can work with you and your schedule.

Due to Covid (don't you just love hearing that) - We make sure all vehicles are cleaned inside and out before handing back to you. If you specifically do NOT want your car cleaned, let us know.

A little info on MOT's & Services


Annually your car needs to be checked by a standardised test performed by trained examiners. Every test is done in accordance with VOSA (Vehicle Operator Standards Agency) - meaning that all vehicles on the road have to be up to at least this standard. Because of the issues surrounding Covid, there are many cars MOT's currently out of sync with the system. If you're not sure when your cars MOT is due, you can check here:


Servicing your car is very important. Oils that lubricate your engine loose their viscosity and cooling properties over time. The more contaminated the oil, the less it is protecting your engine from friction and over heating.

Coolant is another important component of engine cooling which is covered in servicing. Coolant / Antifreeze helps either keep your engine cool or stop it from freezing. Over time, like oil, coolant gets contaminated and looses its temperature regulating properties. Some cars also prefer coolant in the summer and antifreeze in the winter. Some are fine with a Coolant/Antifreeze mix which is fine all year round however this still needs to be topped up or refilled on a service basis.

How does it work?

Book in your MOT & Service

Collection Of Your Vehicle

Return Of Your Vehicle

Drop us a message on Facebook, WhatsApp or Text Message, or call us on 01892 098058 / 07840 404676 to get a price for your MOT & Service Combo. We can then get you booked in. You can also send us an email if you prefer at

We will come to the location you have given us, collect your vehicle and take it to our workshop for work & MOT to be carried out. We use an MOT ONLY centre for our MOT's, which means you get a non biased report by a tester who doesn't gain from failing the vehicle.

Once your MOT and Service is completed we will let you know. If you vehicle has failed, you'll get a full breakdown of any issues and a quote to have it repaired. If your MOT passes, you'll have the car back as arranged and your MOT & Invoice will be left on the seat. Steering wheel, keys, handles and gear levers will be sprayed down before handing keys back.

Moving with the times.

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