Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

Firstly, do you know what a diesel particulate filter is ??

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DPf's are great, they help keep harmful diesel exhaust emissions of our streets, but the problem is, if you mainly drive your car or van around towns, or on short trips, shopping or for deliveries, then the dpf will get blocked. Diesel engines are really suited for use on long journeys, ie motorway drives. So if you car doesn't get a regular run on the motorway, it's very likely the diesel particulate filter will get blocked and need a dpf regen.

Now you are asking what is a DPF regen ?? 

A diesel particulate filter regeneration, is a method whereby the blocked filter is cleaned through, making it 'as good as new' again !

How do we do this you ask ?? Simple. We have computer software which enables us to run a programme built into your cars brain, or ecu. This programme locks in the exhaust gases and heats the dpf filter up to around 600 degrees C, and burns off the blocked particles. When this has been done, you will notice amazing increases in power and mpg.

mobile mechanic diesel dpf regeration service
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