EGR valve repair/cleaning

Firstly, do you know what an EGR Valve is ??

If you do read on, if not click HERE.

An EGR valve is a fairly basic component, and the way it works is straight forward. However, when it fails it can cause all sort of problems with the running of your diesel engine, and can have a knock on effect and cause issues or damage to vital components on your engine. 

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We love working on diesel engines, repairing and cleaning EGR valves. It's very satisfying work when you get a clogged up egr valve like the one above, and clean it and make it work again. We also love doing DPF regeneration, and Internal engine steam cleaning.

If your car or van has excessive smoke from the exhaust, and is lacking power especially up hills, then its possible that the problem is the EGR valve.

Sometime the EGR valve will be clogged up with deposits like the picture above, or it may just be a small amount of depsoit that has hardened, stopping the valve from opening and closing.

We have developed our own method of cleaning a seized egr valve, using a combination of cleaners and solutions, which bring the egr valve back to an 'as good as new' condition, and 99% off the time will allow the exhaust gas recirculation valve to work correctly once again.

NB If our cleaning methods do not restore the valve to a working order, then we will not charge you for the cleaning process..You can't say fairer than that !!*

*Non charge promise applies when the egr valve clean does not resolve the running issues, and no other related faults can be found.

Call today for a quote to make your EGR valve as good as new again, anywhere in the South East - Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and the rest of the home counties.

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