PAT - Portable Appliance Testing



If you are a Car Mechanics Garage or similar business which uses 'plug-in' electrical appliances, Garage in a Van offer a PAT Service, also know as Portable Appliance Testing.


Safety in the workplace is a top priority for every business. PAT Testing is a specialised process, checking that electrical appliances comply fully with UK Health and Safety at Work directives. Regulation demands that all portable electrical appliances in the workplace continue to meet strict safety standards – a factor on which bona fide businesses recognise there can be no compromise.


We provide a friendly, efficient and professional 'Portable Appliance Testing' service to all our customers ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Great trade rates for garages and other motor trade businesses.


PAT also available for any commercial business, landlord and letting agents, or private house hold who wish to ensure the safety of persons using plug in electrical appliances and other goods.