Welcome to our first Blog Post !!

We thought the middle of the winter would be a great time to start blogging..

It's so important your car is up to date with servicing and maintenance such as tyres and brakes at this time of year. We've had countless cases of brakes freezing up this last week, at the very least this can cause you inconvenience.

One very important thing to have checked is the wheel alignment or tracking as it's known. In the cold and slippery conditions, if your tracking is out, especially on the front, it could easily lead to a serious collision.

Check out this great link from Michelin tyres about the importance of correctly aligned wheels, and common causes of mis-alignment http://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/learn-share/care-guide/wheel-alignment

In adition click the 'TyreSafe' logo on our website home page.. www.garageinavan.co.uk

It's still only mid January, so if you have any doubt about the condition or reliabilty of your car, call us and book a winter check, it will undoubtedly save you in the long run..


In addition, we offer a collect and return service for wheel alignment - quite simply we collect your car, take to our local approved wheel alignment equipped garage, and return it to you once done, without you having to leave your home or workplace (this service is currently available in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells)

Call 07591 537047 to book.

Finally for today, if you're up early each day and drive to work you need a quick and reliable de-icer, at Garage in a Van we are now distributing the amazing Blizzard Ultra German Quality de-icer, click here to view and purchase.. http://www.garageinavan.co.uk/#!shop/wt1yd

Look out for our next blog soon, and remember - those roads are slippery, please drive with care !!

All the Team


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