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Just like buses, we've got numerous pieces of news all to come at once..!

First lets catch up with what has been happening since our first blog.

So, back in February we were hounoured to work on a rare British sports car, namely a Marcos LM500 ...

marcos lm500

The picture above was taken with the bonnet up, looking through to the 5 Litre Rover V8 engine !!

The cars are put together in such a way that often the way they were maufactured is not always the best way, and modifications are sometimes needed. It was very ineresting to see how the owner had modified various working parts of the car to make it work and run more effieciently.

Our task was to carry out the following

Clean up binding brake caliper on front near side.

Remove old exhaust balance pipe and fit new one.

Remove faulty fuel tank sender unit, and replace with new one.

Change oil filter and oil.

Replace both fuel filters.

Diagnose and remedy mis-fire.

All work was quite straight forward, though the removal of the old balance pipe was a little bit of a challenge working mobile without a ramp, but we love a challenge at GarageinaVan

check out these links if you're a fan of Marco -

more pictures to come....

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