PROFIT OVER SAFETY ?? National garage chain put lives at risk !!

Recently we had a car with a locked up rear wheel.. Upon investigation we found the brake pad to be broken down into what can best be described as a solid lump of mess. The brake pad had joined itself to the disc on one side, and was binding on the other side of the rear of the car.

To our amazement, the owner told us that the discs and pads were fairly new and had hardly covered any miles.

So why had this happened ??


Melted brake pads budget brakes

The car was a Honda Civic Type R. These cars are lightweight, and have nearly 200 BHP and a 0-60 time of 6.4 seconds. But still there is no reason why the pads should have reacted in this way.

The customer then told us where the parts were fitted, and It then became no surprise to me as I am aware of this company fitting low costing, budget parts.

Obviously I cannot mention the company, but they are a well known company with garages and shops across the UK.

The customer had not asked for budget components to be fitted to his car. He had simply booked the car in and entrusted it to them expecting them to fit the correct parts for the car, at the very least components 'fit for purpose'. It is most likely the reason for the failure of the components is that they were budget parts, and in no way an appropriate application for this car. The make of the parts could still be seen. These low cost parts should never have been fitted to this car. In fact, we at Garage in a Van would never fit budget parts to any car, let alone to a fast capable car such as a Type R !!

I am astounded that a supposedly reputable company, a household name, has blatantly put peoples lives at risk!! How many other unsuspecting motorists are driving around with cheap parts fitted to their car, not fit for purpose....??

Just one of those things?? , I genuinely don't believe so.. I had another experience of a customer who'd used the same company. This customer had new front brake discs and pads fitted to his van, and the discs warped within weeks - Again, they were the same budget make, and fitted at the same branch.

It seems to me that lives are being put at risk for the sake of profit, and this is from a reputable company which is a household name. If it's happening in the branch near me, it is possible that it's happening on a national scale.

In my opinion, budget low quality parts should never be manufactured for brake components. Surely the words 'budget' and 'cheap' are not words you want to associate with brake components!! Only parts fit for purpose should be legally allowed to be manufactured.

We recommend you never allow budget braking or suspension components to be fitted to your car, as this could impede on the way the car handles and Stops, And could quite easily put lives at risk!!

So, The moral of this story??..

When you are having important components fitted to your car, or any component to that matter - Ask the mechanic or garage, "What is the make of the parts being used, and are they fit for use on my car ??" If you don't like their answer, or have any doubts, WALK AWAY.

Here are some pictures of the components after we had freed them from the car...

Safe driving everyone.


Ian Hunt

Proprietor - GARAGE INA VAN

White Honda Civic car picture shown is a library picture.

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